Are you planning to redo your floors? The ones you choose can greatly impact your home’s saleability and resale value. So, what’s the best option: wood, carpet, or tile?

The short answer is: it’s complicated.

Wood and tile floors offer around a 50-70% return on investment, depending on what you choose. Carpet is significantly lower, at 25-40%, but carpet also tends to cost a lot less.

Really, the best flooring depends on your home and similar homes in your area. If your home is valued in the mid-100s, for example, splashing out on marble floors is a waste of money, because you’ll price yourself out of the market trying to make that money back.

A good way to know what is selling well around you is to hop on my website to see what homes have recently sold and what updates (if any) they have done. To stay competitive in the housing market, look at the market.

When you do get ready to sell, I’m here to make sure you get the return on all of those investments you made along the way.