February 22

February 22

Are you considering a backyard renovation? As an agent, I’ve seen which upgrades do and dont’ offer a return on investment.

Adding fencing is usually a good move. Buyers like the added privacy and security, and families and dog owners like the contained outdoor space for kids and pets.

A deck is also a pretty good investment. You’ll likely make back around 80% of what you put into it. What you can’t quantify is the appeal of a deck. Buyers love a place to grill, lounge, and entertain, so not only will you make back most of your money, but it makes your home more attractive to buyers.

If you’ve been considering a fire pit, go for it! This is a relatively inexpensive renovation that many buyers love to see. It will add real value to most homes.

The outdoor renovation that’s surprisingly not worth the money is a pool. Pools are expensive to install and to maintain. While they do attract buyers, you may not see the price bump that you’re looking for.

Are you looking to list? I can help you figure out which renovations are worth it and which to save on. Let’s talk today, so I can help you prioritize!

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