December 22

December 22

One thing a lot of sellers don’t consider when they’re showing their property is safety. You want to make sure that your home and valuables are safe during a showing.

I know, this sounds cynical, but I like to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Because protecting my clients is my #1 job!

Here are a few of the tips I always give sellers before their first showing:

πŸ”‘Hide and/or lock away valuables. It’s rare that a potential buyer would snatch something, but why leave it up to chance?
πŸ”‘ Keep your codes private. Codes for things like the alarm, the front door, or the garage are something you should only share with your agent. I’m here to facilitate, so you don’t have to give away that information to anyone else!
πŸ”‘ Show by appointment only, and never alone. When you put a For Sale sign up, there is a slight chance that people will knock on the door wanting to see your home. While they may be totally on the level, letting them in does open you up to scams or worse. Even if they are legit house hunters, you need time to get your home tidied up and ready to show! If people want to see your home, give them my card. I will vet them and set up a proper showing.

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